Paint Care

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  • Our preventative maintenance service is a great followup service after the detail. Recommended every 6 to 8 weeks.


  • Great for well maintained vehicle paint
  • Optional - Clay Disc cleans and smoothens out paintwork surfaces. Ideal for removing stubbornly adhesive dirt contamination, such as paint overspray, water stains, tree sap, adhesive residues and other impurities.
  • Cleaner Wax or Single One-stage polishing of vehicle paint
  • Preservation: Choose from *Premium Wax, *Paint Sealant, *Ceramic Coating
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Premium Paint Care

    As Certified Professional Paint Care Technicans and Detailers maintaining the beauty and clarity of your vehicles paint is our mission as a supportive car care company.  We take a professional approach to getting your vehicles paint in tip top condition.  A professional Paint CareTech will explian each safe process it takes for giving your car that new car look and afterward the type of preservation options you have in maintaining that new car look.


    *Add Premium Paint Care to your maintenance package.

    *Price varies depending on condition of paint or customer requirements.

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