* Cost of mobile HUB. Prices of services performed at the Detail Hub may vary.

Neglected interiors, pet hair removal and intense cleaning subject to additional price.

We are SONAX!  Your car will look better than ever before - thanks to our products and detailing techniques.!


The SONAX SERVICE concept for car detailing. Our procedures range from Exterior cleaning, Interior cleaning & care, Exterior care & plastics, Exterior care - paintwork, Long-term sealing, and Paintwork finish. To removing excess dust from a collector’s vehicle that is permanently stored indoors, to all that is necessary to clean and revitalize a never cleaned minivan. We use procedures that will help keep the vehicle looking new after we leave.  We apply protectants that for example keep the paint from oxidizing or leather interior from drying or keeping the tires black.






A La Carte Services

    • Ceramic Boost - add on

      Ceramic Boosted Shampoo will simultaneously clean the surface of your car and apply a layer of ceramic that will boost the protection of your existing ceramic coating. Also adds protection to uncoated cars

    • $8

      add on to Plush Wash

    • Tar, Road Paint, Overspray Removal

      Oops! Wasn’t paying attention to that truck saying wet paint stay back? We got you covered safe non solvent removal of that nagging road paint. Our 'Go Green' in house trade secret to removing road paint safe without harsh solvents or cleaners.

    • --

      Est. Only

    • Advance Detailing Package !

      Clay bathe, light to mild polish paintwork to a deep high gloss finish

    • --

      Estimate Only

    • Advanced Detailing Package 2

      Paint Correction - Multi-Step buff and polishing removes paint defects, and moderate swirls and marring

    • --

      Estimate only

    • Ceramic Coating

      A glass-like finish, but flexible long term protection with exceptional resistance to UV light and chemicals. Also provides protection to aggressive environmental influences such as road salt, tar, and street and industrial pollution. The surface gets super hydrophobic, acts as a dirt repellent. Gives an incredible deep shine with impressive color intensity. 1 year coating

    • --

      Estimate only

    • Ceramic Coating 3 year

      SONAX 1 year Ceramic Coating used in combination with SONAX Polymer Net Shield, protects lasts up to 3 years.

    • --

      Estimate Only