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  • Thorough interior vacuuming of your vehicle, side pockets, sides of seat and all of the hard to get areas
  • Interior air purge. Vents, seats, nook, cranny, cracks, and crevices
  • *Plus hygienic cleanliness/Steam Clean
  • Interior dash, plastics, vents, trims, dashboard cleaned
  • Interior clocks, chrome and everything else cleaned and buffed
  • Carpets/Carpet Mat shampoo cleaner includes weather rubber mat cleaner
  • Headliner spot cleaned
  • SONAX Glass Cleaner - Windows/Mirrors cleaned and dried to a high shine
  • Sonax Car Breeze


  • SONAX Actifoam Energy/foam cannon Full-Service hand wash
  • Machine dried to a high standard
  • Clay bathe
  • Apply SONAX Hybrid NPT Paint Cleaner/Cleaner Wax
  • *All-in-one Paint Cleaner/Cleaner Wax removes light swirls, light marring, and restores shine and leaves behind a layer of protection
  • Microfiber towel wipe and touch up
  • Apply SONAX Wheel Cleaner and hand clean
  • Apply SONAX Tire Gloss
  • Final Inspection
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Indianapolis Int'l Airport Valet Park

    Next time you are flying out from Indianapolis International Airport, there is nothing like coming home to a perfectly clean car.


    Allow our team to perform our Business Class Airport Detail Services

    Our exclusive Signature amenities services at Indianapolis International Airport.