Plush Ceramic Wash

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  • We will wipe door jambs, dash, doors, and seats
  • Air purge cracks & crevices and light to medium interior vacuum and trunk
  • Glass & Mirror cleaned


  • Using best washing practices, pressure washers and safe nozzles is the best way to clean vehicles
  • SONAX Car Wash Shampoo & New SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo
  • Soft-Touch/Microfiber Plush Mitt Detail Hand Wash, apply Sonax Insect Remover as needed
  • 180 degree wheel well rinse
  • Spot free rinse
  • Touchless handheld vehicle dryer
  • Our complete hand vehicle air dry do away with micro scratching on vehicle paint
  • Non Acid Wheel Cleaner applied & hand clean Wheels
  • Tire Gloss applied
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Indianapolis Int’l Airport

    Our Park IND frequent use personalize Luxury Hand Car Wash keeps your vehicle in like new condition after detailing or new car look for newer and well maintained vehicles


    Our exceptional and unique service now comes with our new SONAX Ceramic Boosted Shampoo an effective way to wash your ceramic coated car by boosting the protection.  Ceramic Boosted Shampoo will simultaneously clean the surface of your car and apply a layer of ceramic that will boost the protection of your existing ceramic coating.  Also adds protection to uncoated cars.

    Adds additional gloss.  Helps maintain your ceramic coated car.


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