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  • Using best washing practices, pressure washers and safe nozzles is the best way to clean vehicles
  • SONAX Car Wash Shampoo multi-bucket fresh water complete hand wash
  • Soft-Touch/Plush Microfiber Mitts, Detail Hand Wash, apply Sonax Insect Remover as needed
  • 180 degree wheel well rinse
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Touchless handheld vehicle dryer
  • Our complete hand vehicle dryer do away with micro scratching of vehicles paint
  • Apply SONAX Wheel Cleaner and hand clean
  • Apply SONAX Tire Gloss
Hub Price : $ 36.00Mobile Price : $ 36.00
Indianapolis Int'l Airport Valet Park

    Be delighted with our Plush Hand Wash at the Indianapolis International Airport when you park Valet.  Our multiple bucket and multiple microfiber plush mitt hand car wash uses a extremely gentle shampoo cleaner that produces a thick lather for concentrated cleaning of all exterior surfaces that removes dirt and grime from the vehicles paint and all other exterior parts.  Your vehicle receives a spot free rinse using Reverse Osmosis water, machine hand dried.



    More than just a wash, it's a hand washed.

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