Wash -N- Go Lux


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  • Air purge underneath seats and Vacuum the Interior and Trunk
  • Wipe Door Jambs, Dash, Doors, Holders, Seats
  • Clean Windows and Mirrors


  • SONAX Actifoam Energy/foam cannon Full-Service hand wash
  • Soft touch Full-Service Hand Wash, apply Sonax Insect Remover
  • 180 degree wheel well rinse
  • Air Dried to a high standard
  • Microfiber towel dry (touch-up)
  • Apply SONAX Wheel Cleaner and hand clean
  • Apply SONAX Tire Gloss
Hub Price : $ 48.00Mobile Price : $ 48.00
Indianapolis Int’l Airport Valet Park

    Park Valet and request our Interior & Exterior Premium Flex Service Wash -N- Go Luxury Hand Wash at the Indianapolis International Airport.  Our multiple bucket and multiple microfiber plush mitt hand car wash uses a extremely gentle shampoo cleaner that produces a thick lather for concentrated cleaning of all exterior surfaces that removes dirt and grime from the vehicles paint and all other exterior parts.  Your vehicle receives a spot free rinse using Reverse Osmosis water, machine hand dried.

     Receive wheel cleaner and tire gloss with our introductory price for a limited time. 

    We complete the car wash process with a light dusting of the interior, wiping navigation screen, cupholders, while air purging the carpets, underneath, and between the seats with a light vacuuming to remove light debris from normal traffic that comes with normal entering and exiting your vehicle.  We follow with a touch up cleaning of the interior glass and bug removal from exterior windshield.  

    *Water bottles removed and tossed in garbage.*Heavy trash removal only included with auto detailing services. *Service does not include removal of pet hair.

    A Premium Hand Car Wash Service